Could 2011 Be the Year of The Incredibles?

With the freezing temperatures as of late, we’ve nestled into a warm family tradition of Friday night family movie night.  We all snuggle on the couch together, covered in a blanket, and we watch a movie that we’ll all enjoy together.

This past weekend, we chose the Disney/Pixar hit movie, The Incredibles.  The plot, in many ways is the biography of Mr. Incredible, who for several reasons (against his will) chooses to disguise his superhero identity and live a life as a simple insurance agent, known as Bob Parr.  Bob’s wife and children, who also have super powers, hide their special skills too and do their best to fit in as “normal.”

Although Mr. Incredible tries to appear as if he’s like everyone else, hiding the best of who he is slowly sucks the life out of him.  He’s unhappy, he’s not as good of a father or husband, he gets out of shape and he’s frustrated with just about everything and everyone.  He knows he has so much more to contribute; so much that can make a difference, but he’s lot allowed to bring it.

Does this sound like your workplace?  Does your company stifle people, or do they bring out the best that everyone can offer?  Do the leaders challenge and energize everyone around them, or are they slowly sucking their life out?

To read the remainder of this post, please click here to go to Achieved Strategies, where this entire post is hosted, and where I am honored to be a guest blogger in a great series, called “Revive & Thrive.”

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